The Story Behind The Collectors Index

As the world’s largest and fastest growing auction database in the world, The Collectors Index has been synonymous with high tech, real-time, trustworthy and insightful knowledge regarding classic cars and watches over the last four years. Presently, we provide various manufacturers and businesses with expertise to help decide their strategies, valuations or brand overview. We are continuously expanding into new markets and refining the accuracy of inherently disordered ‘live’ data. Most recently we have added the whiskey market; a vibrant and passionate community of people excited about old craftsmanship and new opportunities and possibilities that we share.

Today we are working tirelessly to bring the data we already provide to manufacturers and companies to the personal user as a subscription service. Very soon we are able to bring you over 1464 auctions with over 7.6 million listings (Aug. 2017), fully searchable for any specific date, make, model, series, price, etc. of car, watch or whiskey. A tool to help you find out what’s on the market and what price you should be paying. Or, for example, If your interest has been peaked by a recent watch or car at auction, you can check here to see if it has been sold before and check its corresponding history.

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